The HITW LED Series is a unique variety of LED cast GRG (Glass fiber Reinforced Gypsum) fixtures that provide an asymmetric throw of light and integrate into the structure. The GRG castings are available in many sizes from 4×6″ to 8×54″ for the aperture.

Fixture Mounting Nominal Sizes Fixture Lumens (per foot) View or Download
HITW LED Recessed / Cast GRG Composite 3-1/2" to 4-1/4" deep x 12" to 46" H x 8-5/8" to 64" L up to 671 per foot
HITW-EX LED Recessed Exterior w/FRP Casting 4" deep x 12" to 16" H x 8-5/8" to 16" L up to 276 per foot
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