Ohio Residence

This gorgeous Toledo, Ohio Residence features an immense skylight spanning the entire length of the expansive, gourmet kitchen and formal dining area. Incorporating several of the indirect HITW (Hole in the Wall) luminaires into the skylight ensures this vibrant expanse escapes the “black hole” effect after dark.

HITC (Hole in the Ceiling) down light fixtures surrounding the skylight provide additional discreet illumination to aid the natural light that flows throughout the space. Both cast GRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) products integrate into the structure for a custom built look of a drywall light niche that is unobtrusive to the space. The cast portion blends into the wall or ceiling while the metal housing is nestled within.

Additional HITW (Hole in the Wall) fixtures were used to highlight the wet bar and wine storage by creating a beaconing halo of indirect light above the beautifully crafted cabinets.

When dusk arrives the HITW & HITC fixtures become a “wow” factor in this beautiful home and provide volumes of light and breathtaking interior views.

Fixture Highlights:
"Hole in the Ceiling" – HITC Series, Round 6"
"Hole in the Wall" – HITW Series, 8" x 29" Aperture